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Aries is fast, real fast. Jaguars are fast and love hiding in different spots throughout jungles to more effectively hunt for their prey. Taurus is reliable, dependable and sturdy. Just like a couch. Their karma is to raise highly-energetic, quick-witted twins. Only then can they have their hands full and understand how taxing it can be to sustain a relationship with this sign. I loved mood rings growing up and I loved it when mine turned purple. Cancer will come back as a mood ring.

This is due to their wide range of intense emotions. Just put them under white hot pressure and people under this sign will change colors in a matter of seconds. Leo will come back as a less mobile but still breathing, living being: expensive flowers. Flowers have the same beauty, adoration, and value that Leos possess and love to possess. Tons of people will still love them in their next life. Enough to spend their money on them and care for them. Even when they know flowers only have a short life span of days or weeks.

Virgo will come back as the yellow legal notepad I used to love writing in when I was a child. Virgos tend to be practical, analytical, and unassuming. Yellow legal notepads are practical, modest, and used for extensive note-taking or analysis. At least, Virgo will be able to go travel some more in their next life.

Libra, being so fair, will get to come back as a human. A judge, to be more precise. This is because of their ability to listen and understand all of the sides to a story.

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They are also highly-concerned with fairness. Scorpio is already venomous in this life.

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So, all of us under this sign will come back as a bottle or jar of your favorite poison. Although, on a slightly lighter note, anything can be considered poison in higher amounts. Sagittarius will come back as my childhood favorite animal: a horse.

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Capricorn will come back as this cheese. Aquarius will get to inspire small children into becoming marine biologists. Though we know he was born morning house by ceasarian, we do not have an exact time of birth and will, therefore, use a Solar Chart—Sun on the Ascendant. The child is born to a famous musical family, and perhaps the strong Taurus signatures could indicate his own musical talent and creativity.

However, the chart disposition does not only indicate inherent qualities and future development; in this school of astrology, we also use the natal chart as a blueprint describing where the soul came from, prior to this incarnation. The South Node in particular can directly describe past life imprinting, and planets in direct aspect to it, add to the story. With a South Node in Gemini conjunct Venus, we may see a past life where the person was well-connected, informed, and open-minded. Venus in proximity to the Nodal Axis hints at strong social appeal and popularity.

We look at the ruler of the Nodes to add more information to the past life story —in this case, Mercury in Aries conjunct the outer planet Uranus, describes a strong creative and assertive mind. Someone with original ideas who has a mind of his own. Interestingly, the North node in Sagittarius, showing the current direction of the soul, hints at a lesson about finding his own voice and overcoming social pressure—it is a signature about authenticity and the confidence to take his destiny into his hands and conquer new horizons.

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The North Node is conjunct the asteroid Juno which represents relationships and marriage. It describes a deep longing for an intimate connection. Perhaps this soul aims at finding deep and true love in this life, and since it is in Sagittarius, this may involve travel and foreign cultures. Mars in a square to the Nodal Axis hints at a past life where there were sudden changes, uprooting, possible aggression, and even an unnatural, accidental or violent death.

It shows interruptions and ruptures. Because Mars is opposing Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, there may have been circumstances that overwhelmed the person, something outside their control.

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It can also show existential difficulties, a sense of drowning emotionally , and as a result, possible substance abuse to escape this existential angst. Since this is in a tight square to the Nodal Axis, it immediately ties us to past life signatures. His grandmother was a tragic figure who experienced both fame and chaos in her life. She was a popular television presenter, interviewer, and writer, involved in the contemporary music industry, and well-known for her wit and eccentric personality.

She married a famous musician, and had three daughters with him, including the mother of this young boy. However, she madly fell in love with another famous performer, and left her family in England to live in Australia with him, conceiving a fourth daughter from that relationship. Two years later, her new love died of an accidental overdose and left her devastated with a baby child. Grieving the untimely death of her lover, she attempted suicide several times, until she actually died three years later from what appeared to be an accidental overdose as well.

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Her daughter, the mother of the young boy referred to here, was only 11 years old. Since the due date of her child was timed with the birthdate of her mother, the mother felt a strong connection between them, albeit, the child was born following an emergency caesarian three days prior to that due date.

Yet suffice it to say that there are substantial connections in these two charts already to suggest there is a strong connection between the grandmother and the child. If so, we would except to see similar connections with the other children, and they are not so.

We can also call it pure coincidence if our perspective of life is of a collection of random manifestations. I will leave it to you to draw your conclusions and determine if more research about identifying reincarnation in the chart is worth the effort.

What For? If this child knew he may be the reincarnation of his eccentric grandmother, would it help or hurt him? Moreover, are there a set of defined astrological signatures and rules that will confirm it is a reincarnation case, or is it up to personal interpretation—which can be a slippery slope in terms of credibility. In my practice, I see it essential to address past life themes.