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An 1,100-Ton Secret Taken to His Grave

Just how this one man, all alone, accomplished such a huge feat is still a mystery. Credit: Tonya Stinson , CC 2. At first glance, the complex might be an amazing place for visitors simply because of the material Leedskalnin used. Everything within its boundaries is coral. But when you learn more about the history of the site, an even more astonishing backstory emerges. The main reason construction took as long as it did was that the whole park was the work of just one man. That might be an accomplishment in itself, but this one man was just five feet tall and weighed only pounds.

According to legend, Leedskalnin proposed marriage to a woman, Agnes Scuffs, when he was 26 years of age. For some reason, she broke off their engagement. Edward Leedskalnin, circa Public domain. Leedskalnin decided to pack up his life and head for New York. He arrived there in April Unable to find any regular work for the next six months, he opted to relocate once again. This time he headed for the Pacific Northwest and took full advantage of the lumberjack boom that was happening at the time.

Accounts suggest that Leedskalnin headed for the warmer climate of Florida when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Without anyone really taking notice of his methods, Leedskalnin quarried, transported, crafted and constructed around blocks of coral for the walls of his new home. A number of those blocks purportedly weighed in excess of 30 tons. The contents of the truckloads were not just materials for his home; Leedskalnin also used an additional tons of coral to construct ornaments and furniture within the grounds.

One of the incredible features in the park is an obelisk weighing 28 tons and a single coral block that acts as a door. This block weighs 9 tons and can be easily moved with a single finger. Nine-ton revolving door.

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As the mysterious creator did all of the work during the night without the pressure of prying eyes, people can only speculate how Leedskalnin created the Coral Castle. There are stories of curiosity getting the better of some of his neighbors who took it upon themselves to have a peek one night. These neighbors suggested that Leedskalnin placed both palms on a block of stone and started to sing.

The slab reacted by levitating. Even if this report was accurate, it still sounds way too fanciful to have any credibility. This is the likely reason that skeptics have dismissed this claim. A display of some of the tools Leedskalnin used to engineer the Coral Castle. An alternative theory exists that suggesting that Leedskalnin mastered hidden powers of the mind — perhaps telekinesis — and was able to move every block that way.

Others came out and flatly asked the man how he did it. All that he revealed was that he used simple leverage and gravity in the way that the ancient Egyptians supposedly constructed the Pyramids.

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Leedskalnin also hinted that he had harnessed the power of both magnetism and electricity and was fully aware of the secrets behind the construction of the Pyramids. I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!

Very little is known of the mysterious creator of the Coral Castle, Ed Leedskalnin. Born in Riga, Latvia in to a family of stonemasons, Ed immigrated to the U. During a bout with tuberculosis around , he moved to Florida, where magnets were apparently used to treat his condition. A loner, one hundred pound, five-feet tall Ed refused to let anyone even watch him work, and no one is known to have helped him move, carve or place the massive stones.

Fearing the loss of privacy as development moved closer, Ed transported his castle, with the aid of a truck, tractor and trailer, 10 miles north to its present location in Homestead, Florida. Not really coral, the huge stones that comprise the castle are composed of oolitic limestone; the coral designation came about later when visitors noticed fossilized coral and shells in some of the rocks.

The average weight of the stones is about 14 tons each. With these huge rocks, Ed built walls, erected a tower and a ton obelisk. Apparently fascinated with astronomy, Ed carved a stone telescope, and even erected large stone depictions of Jupiter, Saturn and the moon from blocks weighing as much as 23 tons.

Coral Castle Explained

For the most part, each carving and piece is made from a single stone. The tallest stones reach 25 feet, while the heaviest rock weighs nearly 30 tons. Using no joint compound or mortar, the massive stones, when combined together, are held in place by their own weight. They are so well constructed and heavy that during the Category 5 Hurricane Andrew in , none of the stones shifted and the 8 ft.

Perhaps the most spectacular structure on the grounds is the eight-foot tall revolving gate. Carved to exacting specifications, it clears the walls next to it by a mere quarter of an inch. Before it needed repair in , it was widely reported that the swivel was so well designed that the gate could be opened with just the push of one finger.

See a Problem?

When it broke in , the nine-ton gate required six men and a crane to remove and re-install what Ed put up alone. The shaft itself sat on a truck bearing. What had caused the gate to break was simply that the bearing became rusted. They replaced the bearing and shaft, and again had to fix it in , but today it is no longer quite so easy to open and close as it once was.

Ed believed that the animating force in the universe does not come from the protons and electrons in the atom, but rather from tiny magnets of different and opposite polarity that imbue all matter. In his book, Magnetic Current , Ed explained his basic principle:. The real magnet is the substance that is circulating in the metal. Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and [contains] both North and South Pole individual magnets. They are so small they can pass through anything.

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In fact they can pass through metal easier than through the air. They are in constant motion.

Edward Leedskalnin and his Coral Castle

He built it on his idea that electricity is made up of two magnetic forces that move opposite each other in a double helix motion. But as you might imagine, hard, documented, well-vetted evidence of a full size machine that can float stones around as he said is hard to come by, which is unfortunate because such a technology would finally presumably give us a viable flying car.

In reality, one person with the right expertise could have achieved this without any such machine. Good article, however, you should realize Ed was removing stones long before he created his PMH. He also quarried stones that could only been cut out of the quarry. You should read Col. Why did he need a truck, tractor and trailer to move the rocks 10 miles away if he had a magic rock flying machine?

The Coral Castle Explained – The Coral Castle Explained

Here is an update on this intriguing way Ed could have done this tremendous feat. It took him 28 years to build what is there today. He worked at night, why? Possibly he was using the force OD force of the Moon that was discovered by Baron Reichenbach in the mid 19th century.

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