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Choose a Photography Portfolio Builder

Their themes are responsive and will display perfectly on mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, and other tablets. Though compared to Wix, they are not quite as cutting-edge regarding their aesthetics. Weebly is also the only provider we know of that has a built-in video and audio player.

What they should improve: their current selection of photography templates leaves room to be desired.

Find out more in our Weebly review. You can also use Squarespace to sell photos and other digital and physical products. SmugMug has a clear focus on photography portfolios. Thanks to unlimited web storage in all plans you can create a complete archive of your images. Creating a good-looking website, on the other hand, might take a bit of effort. They sport a couple of great templates, however, adjusting them can be tedious. But if you are after sophisticated e-commerce, advanced blogging or paid membership features for your clients, it may well be worth getting your head around it.

Of course, creating your photography website is really just half the battle.

1. Add watermarks to your photos

At WebsiteToolTester, we spend a lot of time optimizing our own site for search, so here are our top 5 proven tips for getting that almighty first-page ranking on Google for your photography site:. A good place to start is by identifying relevant keywords that people are searching for e. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to see search volumes, and get some ideas for keywords.

8 Steps to Making Your Photography Pay

Two rules of thumb when choosing keywords:. Register yourself on Google My Business to boost your chances of getting found through organic search or Google Maps. All of the featured website builders have inbuilt capabilities to help you optimize for SEO, including the ability to set page titles, add meta descriptions, and edit URLs.

So, take full advantage of them! Page loading speed is an important factor in determining search rankings. Luckily, all of the above website builders apart from SmugMug apply some form of compression to your images. Pixpa take this a step further by allowing you to specify if and how much you want to compress your images. Using a service like tinypng. Of course, this also affects video. This is perhaps the most difficult and most mystifying part of the whole SEO process.

It makes sense — but how do you get other sites to link to you in the first place? Generally, the most effective way is by publishing regular, up-to-date content e. You can then promote this through channels like social media and email newsletters, as a way to get traffic and potential linking sources to your site.

How to Sell Photos Online: A Detailed Snapshot

This obviously takes a lot of research and effort. Whether you take up the task of creating your photography website yourself or find a web designer is completely up to you. And in the long run, being able to make your own changes will also save you a lot of time and money. With any luck, you might find that you can build a fully-functional site that perfectly showcases your art. After all, if clothes make the man, then images make the website.

How to make a photography website — in a snap! Inka Wibowo. See you how quickly you can publish a stunning photography website with Wix. Create a free Wix website here Made to Impress Without a doubt, Wix offers the most sophisticated designs and image galleries available from website builders today. Wix Review: A good choice for creating a website in ? Try Wix for free.

How to Sell Your Photos Online for More Cash with Less Work

When the combine was invented, we didn't have farmers saying, I'll continue reaping my crops by hand and charge according to the old model, while offering to provide crops harvested by a combine at the same or higher price as if I was reaping them by hand. No, it became possible to deliver more for less, and the price had to be lowered to reflect that greater productivity afforded by technology.

July 24, at am. I have to agree with Ken here, I am a photographer who sells Digital primarily, with prints from a local lab for those who request. I do fairly well, and most people normally get there "top shot" in a print format, and then 10 others in digital. Even if they only grab the 10 digital, I work on average 25 mins for the shoot from greet to wrap up , 45 mins post-editting, lots of times same day meetup, if not next day for another 10min average meet, at which time they decide what pictures they'd like, if they want prints, etc. I advertise it as "packages" and sell prints with it normally for a few bucks extra.

Can I create a website even without being tech-savvy?

I don't offer as many shots as most photographers, but I also have a lower cost than most, so a lot of the time people are still pretty happy, and if they aren't I normally give them a discounted price on the extra photos if they are really upset. April 9, at am. What you consider quite well is the same amount kids make at MacDonalds. Unless your are packed monday - sunday all year round. I doubt thats the case!

Edward O. June 2, at pm. That is how much I make at my carreer job at over twelves years in. And NO fast food restaurant is paying Anyone that. Not even the manger. Lies or exaggerations never helps an argument. Brad Shutack. December 7, at am. Edward, if you are doing one of these shoots 5 days a week, then I would agree with you.

As a second job that you do after your career job, it's a great extra income, but you'd have a difficult time living on that if this is your sole job that you rely on to make a living. My objection, though, would be that you are purchasing a print product. In this case, it is a printed photograph and many times is printed on a surface that the artist feels best shows off the image. Whether you are willing to buy this product is up to you, and the digital, in turn, is an alternate option made available. I would compare this situation to watching films in 35mm in a theater vs a Digital Reproduction at home on your television.

As good as Digital has become, the look of film is simply unmatched, in my opinion, and although Millennials may be all about Netflix, many people are still willing to pay for the theatrical experience to view a film in a theater the way that the artists who were involved in the production have intended it to be viewed.

The Ultimate Guide to Monetize Your Photography

Suzanne Kulperger. November 28, at am. My clients often do not want prints anymore. And, more and more, I find my clients unwilling to pay a reasonable price for prints when they do want them. My clients, many who are affluent, would balk at that.

Times have changed so much. With everyone walking around with a camera, phones , I have seen the value placed on hiring a professional photographer drop drastically.

Everyone thinks they are a photographer at this point. I have to be honest, I have seen a shocking number of potential clients will go for the lesser shooter if they can get a session for fifty bucks. Digital files Many times, this is all my clients want. I have gotten into the awkward place of clients asking me for all of the images from the session on a disk. Every shot. Sorry for the venting. People want more and more for less and less money.

March 29, at pm.

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I have been toying around with all these pricing scenarios. I find as well that most people around us are charging a higher yet modest price for digital only but offering these other products as well. Then we offer digital alacarte at a higher price but way lower as a bundle. Have a minimum order amount close to the digital price.

Then people can get prints or all items however they have to spend a certain amount and have an option. So for instance The part that is driving up what we need to charge in some peoples scenarios are the markup factor which like mentioned includes all the cost associated with getting a image ready for print, uploading it, packaging it and shipping it.

Which is the cost of good sold. I guess if you do digital only technically you don't really have a cost of goods sold at all like the article states. I guess i look at the time portion of the equation as part of why my salary is comprised of which is part of my fixed expenses. To make up more salary we would need to do more weddings which the general public has a higher perceived value on and is willing to pay more for.

Or corporate head shots and events which are on a separate price scale. We are just finding it harder and harder even if you offer a better product general consumers are less and less willing to pay those types of prices when everything else around them is tailored at sales and deals and lower prices. To reach the people that will pay the Bottom line here is like others have mentioned it will get harder and harder to sell at a higher price point for something that people dont necessarily want.

Maybe i have this all wrong but its just what i'm seeing doesn't mean its the same for everyone.