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Kieran did know how the Yankees players felt about Gehrig and tried to put it into words for them. Letter from Dr. Kieran not only knew Gehrig as a player but also as a neighbor in Riverdale, NY. He would visit Gehrig when he was housebound in the last stages of his illness.

Kieran, who was honored in by the Hall of Fame with the J. On Dec. The estate of Eleanor Gehrig, who passed away in , donated the trophy with the Kieran poem to the Hall of Fame in Home - News. Share this page: Share on facebook Share on twitter. Luckiest Man.

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Contents Related Hall of Famers Related Spink Award Winners Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse of baseball famed for his 2, consecutive-games-played streak, made one of the most memorable speeches in the annals of sports. Lou Gehrig delivering his "Luckiest Man" speech. Share this image: Share on facebook Share on twitter.

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    Guys Read: The Trophy - Gordon Korman - E-book

    Guys Read: The Meat Grinder. Chris Crutcher. The Adventures of Billy and Bobo. Chris Rylander. Takedown 8. Awesome Dawson. Chris Gall. It's the Radleys. Michael Biagiotti. Paintball Invasion. Jake Maddox. Masterminds: Criminal Destiny. Over the course of his career, Arnold Palmer won 92 tournaments, was the first golfer to earn more than one million dollars in winnings, and was the first four-time winner of the prestigious Masters championship. Surprisingly, the same man who became the first athlete to capitalize on endorsement opportunities remained largely private and unknown.

    Through interviews with Palmer, his family, friends, opponents, and business associates, bestselling author Thomas Hauser paints an intimate portrait of the golf legend. In her bestselling memoir, Douglas describes her early dedication to gymnastics and what it was like leaving her family in Virginia to train with a coach in Des Moines, Iowa. She chronicles her years of hard work, dedication, and faith to illustrate her powerful message that anything can be achieved through hard work.

    No other defensive player has changed the course of more games, received as many trophies, or set as many records as Bobby Orr did during his decade-long career.

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    Painfully shy, the superstar always remained a mystery to fans and journalists. In his bestselling biography, Orr finally reveals what drove him to excellence and success. Included are stories about his small-town childhood, his sudden thrust into the media limelight, and the betrayal of the manager he thought of as a brother. Dryden discusses his life and the early experiences that led up to his time with what many refer to as one of the greatest hockey teams in history. But her life was far from the picture of perfection it appeared to be. In A Skating Life, Hamill opens up about the painful depression that plagued her from the time was young, and recreates her demanding training schedule with competitions that took her away from home for weeks and months at a time.