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The Bible and "full of grace"

The angel's greeting to Mary can be translated "rejoice," indicating that the promised Messiah, Mary's Son, is coming to save His people. The second part of the prayer "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death. Amen" is the Church's reflection on Mary's intercessory role as the Mother of God for all of us as members of the Church. In Stephen's case, it signifies that he was "full of the Spirit and of wisdom," along with faith and the Holy Spirit Acts , 5.

But Stephen was a sinner. Nevertheless, where does the phrase "full of grace" come from regarding Mary?

the Hail Mary prayer

Jerome in the fourth century. It is here in Luke that is found the unfortunate Latin translation which says "ave gratia plena "Hail full of grace. Therefore, it constructed its doctrine on a false translation.

Of course, it cannot correct itself since so much is invested in the worship, adoration, and prayer to Mary in the Roman Catholic Church; and to recant of this false teaching would greatly lessen its credibility. Unfortunately, this means that millions of Catholics will continue to look to Mary for help--not Christ who is truly full of grace. What does the Greek say here for "highly favored one? It is the single Greek word kexaritomena and means highly favored, make accepted, make graceful, etc. Therefore, we conclude that the Roman Catholic Church has manufactured far too much doctrine concerning Mary out of the erroneous translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible, and that the RCC needs to recant its false teaching concerning Mary.

Mary was a very blessed woman.

She was graced with the privilege of being able to bear the Son of God. We should never forget her high privilege in this respect. However, we must not elevate her to a level beyond that which is prescribed in Scripture.

"Hail Mary full of Grace" - Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health

To do so is to be in error--the very error that is taught in the Roman Catholic Church. We urge Roman Catholics not look to Mary. Instead, they should look to Jesus alone. He alone is the sinless one, the perfect one, the Lord, the mediator, the forgiver of our sins. It is he alone to whom we should appeal and trust for the forgiveness of our sins.

When Will Pope Francis Update the “Hail Mary”?

He carts pregnant Mary around, then raises the son of God and barely gets an honorable mention. I agree with you but let's just settle this: She gave birth to God.

Therefore St Mary gave birth to God incarnate, not a part of God. But she is still human and prone to sin, see mark when jesus' mother and brothers went to stop him from preaching thinking he was out of his mind. She is not part of the Trinity therefore having statues of her up in a church is worshipping a false idol.

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