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Having moved to the USA in Installation art is a hybrid of visual art practices including photography, film, video, digital imagery, sound, light, performance, happenings, sculpture, architecture, and painted and drawn surfaces. One view has it that the category installation is presupposed on the transitory and impermanent, the second that an installation can be collected and re-exhibited as a conventional work of art.

While not a distinct art form or style, Internet art has been discussed in connection to the history of media art, predominantly through studies of the screen see Bosma, ; Manovich, and the way things are framed, including still or moving images see Video art and New media art in India.

Internet art exceeds this narrow definition and its lineage can be better understood in the context of telecommunications, with a focus on information exchange and its occurrences through networked channels of transmission and their inherent politics.

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Because of this it is linked to Conceptual art practices, including intermedia art, Fluxus, and Correspondence art such as the work of Knowles, Alison American experimental music class held by John Cage in New York. Although Cage had been faculty at the New School for Social Research called the University in Exile in the period of and immediately after World War II, and subsequently, The New School University since the early s, team-teaching with his early mentor Henry Cowell — , his critical tenure there was — It was in these years that his own work was hitting its greatest strides, and his dynamic classes reflected as much.

He was known for exemplifying the spatialization of sound, and its capacity for constant change, by such methods as placing a pencil—rubber eraser pointing down—between the strings of the New School classroom piano, to show students how, via direct alterations to the source, sound could be He taught at several American universities and art colleges in Germany and Austria.

Long-cherished plan

He was appointed rector of the academy of fine arts in Prague in American printmaker, sound artist and performance artist. She was one of the founding members of Fluxus, the international avant-garde collective formed in By the late s she had lost interest in painting and burnt all her early paintings in a bonfire. It was then that she befriended artists Dick Higgins —98 , George Brecht and composer John Cage whose meditation on everyday life and music of indeterminacy inspired her to pursue a new artistic path.

JOSEPH BEUYS - FILZ TV 1970 Fluxus, happening and performance art

After marrying in , Knowles and Higgins were invited by George Maciunas to perform in the Fluxus inaugural concert series in Europe. Among her early events, Make a Salad Hermann Nitsch was a pupil of the Graphische Lehr und Versuchanstalt the school of applied arts in Vienna from until This was the equivalent of the He studied the history of art and music in Tokyo and continued his musical studies at Munich University and Freiburg Conservatory.

During his studies, he was introduced to electronic music by Karlheinz Stockhausen and became friends with John Cage. South Korean video artist, performance artist, musician, sculptor, film maker, writer, and teacher, active in Germany and the USA see fig. From to he studied music and aesthetics at the University of Tokyo. His Neo-Dada performances in Cologne during this period included a celebrated encounter with John Cage, during which he formed a lasting friendship with the avant-garde composer by cutting off his tie.

Best Fluxus images | Fluxus, Fluxus art, John cage

He was one of the fathers of the European Happening movement. In the s he worked with chemicals to transfer the process to photography, video, and film, turning it into an all-encompassing strategy of image deconstruction, often within the iconographic framework of violence and sexuality as communicated by mass media. In he joined the American multimedia and performance artist. Watts was a pioneering figure in the development of Fluxus and Pop art.

Before settling squarely into Fluxus, Watts was associated first with both because of his use of ready-made objects, his concern with space-time activation of the work and for the insertion of objects into performance frameworks. Watts taught at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, from to , where he had a significant influence on a generation of students who would produce some of the leading intermedia art of the s and s. His own art began at the cutting edge of new media experimentation—with works of the s incorporating electric light, incandescent wire, random circuitry—and intelligently extending the critique established by the Duchampian readymade.

In the early s he made original contributions to the emergent vocabulary of everyday objects that would define advanced art of the s. Printed from Oxford Art Online. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a single article for personal use for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. Oxford Art Online. Advanced search. Africa Antarctic region. Asia Europe. The Americas Browse All.

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  • Add term. Type Published Online. From To Single year Format Article Type Biographical Article 9. Subject Reference 3. Collection Benezit Dictionary of Artists 5. Grove Art Online 7. Life event Dates before common era BC E. Date range. Fluxus Fuxus redux: Neo-Dada sexuality in the s and after. Hendricks, Jon. Fluxus etc. Further it contained pamphlets, photo-events, instructions and texts from her time in London, that document her strong connection to the British Fluxus movement.

    Schneemann, letter to Armstrong, The box was apparently not considered a valuable artwork as it was never returned to Schneemann after it had traveled with the exhibition. Carolee Schneemann in an e-mail message to the author, 10 August It must be noted that some of Schneemann's Fluxus-related pieces were created before Maciunas moved to the US.

    Happening Fluxus

    Even in painting was dead for me. I was in an existential crisis. I was 23 years old and […] I was suicidal over not being able to paint. It was so thorough, such a thorough dilemma for me. I was in Illinois as a graduate student and I'd sit down on my porch in these vast empty plains. Painting was dead, and I was all alone in the vast empty Illinois plains. What could happen? I fell through everything I believed in! I felt like I was just falling through a thousand feet of time and space. Schneemann remembered visiting a concert of experimental Japanese music together with Tenney at Yoko Ono's studio on Chamber Street, at which Ono also hosted proto-Fluxus events.

    Schneemann Schneemann, Carolee. Here p. It is not clear from the documentation how Tenney and Young participated. Accompanied by a sound-collage of Yoko Ono groaning and moaning as well as of words spoken backwards, Yvonne Rainer repeatedly got up and sat down again in front of a table piled with dishes. After she repeated this action for a period of about ten minutes, the performer attacked the table and smashed the dishes. Yoko Ono: Now and then. Yoko Ono: In facing. Andreas Huyssen Huyssen, Andreas.

    Original Articles

    In In the spirit of Fluxus , — The latest: Fluxus and music. In the spirit of Fluxus. I am grateful for Midori Yoshimoto's comments in regard to Mieko Shiomi's background and date of arrival in the US and on the Fluxus scene, as well as of a possible knowledge of Schneemann's early performances. See Schneemann's statement printed at the end of this essay. By narcissistic I am referring to the one-man or one-woman performances that were to criticize the artist-ego of the Abstract Expressionist era, however, become as much about the individualistic, expressive, and sometimes emotional-laden personal gesture, centralizing the attention on the performer-individual.

    For the following description of Looseleaf see Schneemann Schneemann, Carolee. See for an extensive discussion of Meat Joy my book , esp. Stiles Stiles, Kristine. In Flux attitudes , 25 — Its propulsion is toward the ecstatic — shifting and turning between tenderness, wildness, precision, abandon: qualities which could at any moment be sensual, comic, joyous, repellent.

    Happening & Fluxus: Materialen | Hans Sohm, Carolee Schneemann, Red Grooms, Bazon Brock

    See Schneemann, letter to Armstrong, see above, note For Schneemann's connection to the London Fluxus movement compare Schneemann, letter to Hendricks, see above, note 22 , as well as Schneemann, letter to Armstrong, For this festival, Schneemann performed her humorous Ices Strip on the train from London to Edinburgh, in which she took on the persona of Isis, stripping down to nudity on top of a dining car table, and philosophizing while getting dressed and ready to roller skate the length of the Festival Train. See Schneemann Schneemann, Carolee.

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    • Maciunas was enthusiastic about a Fluxus exhibition in the United Kingdom when Mike Weaver first contacted him and generously offered to assist in arranging to obtain materials and made many suggestions for the show. In October , David Mayor seems to have been put in charge of the exhibition. In addition to Fluxconcerts and Fluxfilm screenings, there were also events created specifically for each venue of the tour.

      Schneemann described how the two artists lived and worked together with other artists in an unheated warehouse, base of the London Filmmakers Cooperative, equipped with a cold water faucet and broken toilet. See Ibid.