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Who we are Our History Faculty History. In addition, he is Organist and Artist-in-Residence at St. Philip's in Atlanta. He is recognized as one of the leading concert organists and teachers in his generation. He has been praised for playing that is technically brilliant, yet expressive and poetic.

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Mitchener has concertized extensively throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia, and many of his performances have been heard in television and radio broadcasts such as American Public Media's Pipe Dreams hosted by Michael Barone. He has performed in notable venues such as the Church of St.

Augustine Augustinerkirche in Vienna; the Church of St. While still an undergraduate student, he was the national winner of the Music Teachers National Association Organ Competition. He records for the Raven and Albany labels. He has performed the complete organ works of J. They were brutally experimented upon and enslaved with mind control devices to attack Jack. A trio of rams that assisted Jack in finding a time portal to return back to the past, many years before the start of Season 5. However, Aku intervened just in time to destroy the portal, and transformed the three animals into massive monsters.

Jack butchered them while consumed with his anger at Aku , instead of running away or trying to save them ; and as a result, he lost his sword and was consumed by extreme guilt.

An ethereal blue monk that lives in the spirit world. He puts Jack through a few tests of character, so that he may earn his sword back. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The Emperor. The Empress. Voiced by: Lauren Tom. The Arab Sheikh. The African Chief. Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson. The Shaolin Monks. Monk A voiced by: Quinton Flynn.

Homeslice, Cole Lampkin, and Brobot. Homeslice voiced by: Phil La Marr.

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Cole Lampkin voiced by: Rob Paulsen. Brobot voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson.

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The Canine Archaeologists. McDuffy and Dreyfuss voiced by: Jeff Bennett. The Woolies. The Astronauts. Frederick and Sergei voiced by: Jeff Bennett. Technician voiced by: Jennifer Hale. Idealist and Analyst voiced by: Tom Kenny. The Three Blind Archers. Click here to see their true forms. The Triseraquins.

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Connery voiced by: Jeff Bennett. Guiness voiced by: Mark Hamill. Ringo voiced by: Jess Harnell. Odin, Ra, and Rama. Ra and Rama voiced by: Daran Norris.

Exploring history, destinations, people, & legends of this great country since 2003.

The Children. The Tribe. Monkey Man voiced by: Jeff Bennett. The Wishing Fairy.

Voiced by: Jennifer Hale. Voiced by: Jeff Bennett. The Three Monks. Monk 1 voiced by: Corey Burton. Monk 2 voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson. The Farting Dragon. Voiced by: Clancy Brown. The Spartans. Spartok voiced by: Daran Norris.

Olivia and her Father. The Creature. The Labyrinth Thief. Voiced by: Rino Romano. Andromeda Robots and the Robo-Samurai. Max voiced by: Daran Norris.

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Female medic voiced by: Grey DeLisle. Da Samurai. Da Samurai : Wassup, y'all?! Da Samurai is in da hizzle re yeahouse! Da Samurai: Later, Jack. The Lizard Monks. Prince Astor and Princess Verbina.