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Thank you for your clear explanation on the sumifs function. It was exactly what I needed to simplify a massive spreadsheet where I need to summarize a range of amounts from over 70 sheets in a workbook. The previous person would manually update the formulas each year but now the "sumifs between dates" formula will automate this.

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Huge Thanks!! I am really enjoying this online training. While the training is compact there are sufficient steps to allow understanding to be captured. Each lesson is bit size so it is really easy to find and review information.

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I have engaged with a lot of online material but your online training is extremely well designed and practical for the real world of work. Wanted to let you know how helpfully your products have been. The weekly email is great. I regularly go to the web site when I am looking for a solution while working in excel.

I'm reaching out to thank you for the hard work you have put in to helping others with Excel. I routinely use your website for work. I'd be lost without it! I want to thank you for all of the assistance that you have given me in the past, I truly appreciate it.

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I inform everyone at my place of work about your website, as I find it perhaps one of the best to understand. I just wanted to say thanks for your awesome Excel resource. I am constantly googling for how to do random tasks in Excel and Exceljet is consistently the best resource.

I impress people at work with my amazing Excel skills, but mostly I just know how to find what I need at ExcelJet!! I love your website! I use it all the time. In fact, I used it over the past few weeks to help me make a great workbook. I think I love you. This is going to save me hundreds of hours a year. I want to thank you for this superb website on Excel.

Way of your teaching in all videos as well as articles is absolutely brilliant. Also design of your website is awesome. Just found your site. Totally loving it. Great explanations! This is a great web site. Have been using it for a while and getting your Friday email. I learn something new every time I get the email or visit your site. You product is phenomenal! Easy to understand and gets to the meat of the function quickly. It has proven to be one of the most useful formulas I have ever used Thanks for the incredible website! It's an invaluable resource for me. I struggled for days with a Excel formula problem.

I have several books on Excel including the Dummies series. Nothing helped. One hour on your website, and everything fell in place for me. Clear and concise instructions along with many excellent examples did the trick. Excellent work. I've just found your ExcelJet site, and I find it amazing. I currently work in Finance for a big international company and your contents have helped me a lot on my daily work. I find your site invaluable and a fantastic resource whenever I need to give Excel a spin and accomplish a challenging task.

I've taken a couple of your courses and absolutely love your teaching format! I am new to your website, but must say that I find your material most informative. I just wanted to let you know that I love your website. Your examples are clear and relatable, and I almost always find the answer I'm looking for. I've learned so much over the past few months. Y'all do a really good job explaining things and giving examples!

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I find myself coming back to your site by default, again and again. I would like to thank you for the great website. As you mentioned in it's title, it is truly "Quick, clean and to the point". It looks impossible to delivery information shorter and more informative. Just wanted to say thank you for the many clear, concise, and informative articles.

I've gone from complete novice to regularly using array formulas thanks almost entirely to your site. Since I've been subscribed to your newsletter, I feel myself more and more an Excel master : -Florien. Just a note to say your site is fantastic! I've learnt more on here in 3 hours than I have in nearly 3 decades of using Excel. I really appreciate all the content on Exceljet You have a great concept and your courses are the best, most efficient and fun I had until now. I use my new skills every day.

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You have a fantastic product and great customer service I use something from your program every day. So glad I purchased. Your website has helped me learn so much about Excel! All thanks to you guys. I just wanted to send a note of appreciation.

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  • Thank you for all that you do! I'm the "Excel guru" at my job. Your site is one of the few I count on; your explanations are very clear and well done, and for sophisticated applications. Just signed up. Very, very impressed with your site. Looking forward to using so many of your great resources. I've been using your training for about a year now and I love it! Everyone thinks I am a genius because I can do pivot tables!

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    Next, I'm diving into formulas. I have used vlookup a lot and read some about index and match, but decided to add extra columns and stay with vlookup, however, your site was so very clear that making the switch only where necessary was very easy.

    For the first time, I understand index and match match. I have just come across your website and within minutes of looking around I can confidently say that had I discovered this sooner, I would have saved myself many many hours of formula troubleshooting over the last several years. Very clear explanations for some fairly tricky problems I have been faced with and all incredibly easy to find!

    I love your website and have learned a lot from this site. Most of your formula are elegant and beautiful and your explanations are easy to understand. Your excel training material is amazing. What a great website. I'm an Excel trainer and your website helped me populate a sample company worksheet with random departments.

    You confuse me on a regular basis, and that's a good thing! I love your emails, a lot of them teach me new stuff and I thought I knew just about everything regarding Excel. They are so well done, with very good examples, very easy to follow, with the right length, etc. I have learned so much from exceljet newsletters. Just "Index Match" has brought my Excel skills to an entirely new level, my bosses think I'm a magician now. Thank you, keep them coming! Just a brief view of your website, and one specific idea - a "helper" value column - allowed me to do in less than two hours something I had been going down dead-ends with for two days.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! A really nice clean website that answers excel questions beautifully and understandably. One of the very best I have seen.