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Sex, Life, and Hannah - Volume 1 - Winter Season

There is an ineffable quality to dissociative cases. They challenge a conventional understanding of reality. Freud explored dissociative states in his early writings, but the phenomenon did not fit easily into his sweeping theory of human behavior. Most of the dissociative patients he saw said that they had been sexually abused as children, but he ultimately concluded that their memories were fantasies. Theorists of dissociation disagreed, arguing that some events were so traumatic that, afterward, the mind was unable to develop as an integrated whole.

They are incomplete results acquired with difficulty after long work, and they remain very fragile. Cases of dissociation had a whiff of the mystical, and doctors tended to stay away from them. He had been missing for four years.

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He went by the name Albert Brown. His neighbors found his behavior perfectly normal. Bourne returned to his wife in Rhode Island with almost no memories of his life as Albert. The prevailing schools in psychology and psychiatry—behaviorism and psychoanalysis—adopted models of the mind that were incompatible with the concept. Then, in the nineteen-eighties, several thousand people claimed that, having been abused as children, they had developed multiple selves.

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The public responded to these stories much as it had to the surge of dissociative cases at the turn of the century: this sort of mental experience was considered too eerie and counterintuitive to believe. Whatever truth there was to the condition was lost as hyperbolic stories circulated in the media: tales of feuding selves and elaborate acts of sexual abuse, such as torture by satanic cults. The legacy of that time is that people with similarly radical alterations of self are viewed with distrust.

Richard Loewenstein, the medical director of the Trauma Disorders Program at Sheppard Pratt, in Towson, Maryland, may have worked with more fugue patients than any other psychiatrist in the country. The more she read about fugue, the less she felt she understood it. She grew up in Japanese-American churches in Oregon, where her parents served as pastors.

Both of her parents are American, but Barbara taught in Japan and is fluent in Japanese. Barbara filed for divorce when Hannah was fifteen. Upp moved abroad and taught the Gospel, often to indigenous tribes, in Fiji, Palau, Guam, Malta, India, Zimbabwe, Guyana, and the Philippines, where he now lives in a one-room house in a remote village. In , Barbara took a leave from her position as a pastor and moved to Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat outside Philadelphia.

She and Upp stopped speaking to each other. Hannah was a creationist when she arrived at Bryn Mawr, and she joined the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an evangelical campus ministry. Whereas another person might try to defend her beliefs, Hannah is the kind of person who would take a question like that and turn it in on herself and think about it and come out the other end being a different person.

She wanted to give herself over to someone or some idea. In the spring of her sophomore year, Barbara said, Hannah called her, crying, after going to a talk by Beth Stroud, a United Methodist minister who was defrocked after telling her congregation that she was in a relationship with a woman. By her junior year, Hannah was dating a woman. Although she found herself drawn to Quakerism, she still travelled with her father at least once a year in whatever part of the world he was teaching.

Hannah’s Parents

Hannah thought that her fugue may have begun with a liminal phase: there were two days when she slept in her apartment but communicated with no one. Her bank records showed that she had gone to a movie in Times Square which she had no memory of seeing. During the weeks that Hannah spent wandering, her family believes that she understood on some level that people were searching for her.

She seemed to have access to those memories. Dan met with the captain of the Staten Island ferry and analyzed the currents in the Hudson River.

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They surmised that Hannah must have entered the river in lower Manhattan before the tide took her south. Hannah and Dan walked along the piers downtown, and when they got to Pier 40, a former marine terminal on the west end of Houston Street, Hannah told him that the place felt familiar. She remembered lights floating on the water. Dan learned that there had been a Japanese floating-lantern ceremony on the pier on September 11th, to honor the victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

As a child, Hannah had danced in an annual Obon festival, which has a floating-lantern ceremony, the lights representing the souls of the departed. In , Hannah took a job at a Montessori school in St. Based on the condition of her body the day she was found, she and her family concluded that she had been at the floating-lantern ceremony and, three days later, had returned to the pier and entered the water. It is likely that Hannah spent the night in the river.

She later checked the lunar calendar and was able to confirm her memory that there had been a full moon that night. Her skin showed signs of prolonged immersion. Hannah and her family concluded that she either swam to or was washed up onto Robbins Reef. She scraped her knees on its rocks. She slept there the following day, long enough to get a sunburn. Then she returned to the water. Bhattacharya said that when she and Hannah spoke about the experience they often lapsed into silence.

Hannah saw a few therapists, but found conversations with her friends more helpful.

Sex, Life, & Hannah: Volume 2, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek

She described the mental-health system as dogmatic and overly attached to its diagnostic models. She felt as if her experiences had to be reshaped to fit within the diagnoses. That is a fiction. Sometimes called Mecca for Quakers, the institution was founded in as a retreat for people of all religions. Hannah worked in the kitchen and attended daily meetings for worship, a half hour of silence. Quaker practice operates according to the premise that a single person cannot see the entire truth, and the people at Pendle Hill never asked Hannah for answers about her disappearance.

After working at Pendle Hill for three years, Hannah was hired as a teaching assistant at a Montessori school for underserved children in Kensington, Maryland.

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A colleague reported that as she was driving to school she had seen Hannah walking quickly in the wrong direction. In the previous twenty-four hours, no one had talked to her. The next day, at P. Hannah had found herself in a dirty creek in a residential area in Wheaton, Maryland, a mile and a half from her school. There was a shopping cart beside her. She realized that she had been walking for more than two days. In both instances, she had disappeared at the beginning of the school year, after travelling with her father. In both fugues, she had been drawn to water. Hannah returned to her job within a few days.

The following year, she was hired as a teaching assistant for preschoolers at a Montessori school in St. I think that books are our friends. They can't cheat us or betray us. We just have pure enjoyment in them. I start Books are my life cause I want to share my passion about books , to chat and recommend great books with you. So please say what you think, comment and share your favorite books.

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