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In a famous commentary on the Kama Sutra from the 12th century, Jayamangala, explains: "A woman known for her independence, with no sexual bars, and acting as she wishes, is called svairini. She makes love with her own kind.

She strokes her partner at the point of union, which she kisses. The Sushruta Samhita , for example, a highly respected Hindu medical text dating back to at least B. It also states that men who behave like women, or women who behave like men, are determined as such at the time of their conception in the womb.

It states that the child born of such a union will be "boneless. Other texts list the various types of men who are impotent with women known in Sanskrit as sandha , kliba , napumsaka , and panda. The Sabda-kalpa-druma Sanskrit-Sanskrit dictionary, for instance, lists twenty types, as does the Kamatantra and Smriti-Ratnavali of Vacaspati 14th century. The Narada Smriti similarly lists fourteen different types.

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Included among the lists are transgender people sandha , intersex people nisarga , and three different types of homosexual men mukhebhaga , kumbhika and asekya. Such texts demonstrate that third-sex terms like sandha and napumsaka actually refer to many different types of "men who are impotent with women," and that simplistic definition such as "eunuch" or "neuter" may not always be accurate and in some cases totally incorrect.

In his article Homosexuality and Hinduism , Arvind Sharma expresses his doubt over the common English translation of words like kliba into "eunuch" as follows: "The limited practice of castration in India raises another point significant for the rest of the discussion, namely, whether rendering a word such as "kliba" as "eunuch" regularly is correct The Arthashastra of Kautilya represents the principle text of secular law and illustrates the attitude of the judiciary towards sexual matters. Heterosexual vaginal sex is proposed as the norm by this text and legal issues arising from deviation therefrom are punishable by fines and in extreme cases by capital punishment.

Homosexual acts are cited as a small offence punishable by a fine.

Kehlani confirms pregnancy, shades people questioning her queer identity

It punishes non-vaginal sex with a small fine 4; 23; , however, women are fined less than men. The digest or dharmanibandha work "Dandaviveka'" written by Vardhamana Upadhyaya in 15th century in Mithila pronounced that semen shouldn't ejaculate outside the vagina. Ayoni sex here is divided into two categories, one which includes intercourse with humans of both genders. The Narada Purana in 1. Ruth Vanita states that the punishment in afterlife suggested by it is comical and befitting the act. The Skanda Purana states that those who indulge in such acts will acquire impotency.

The Dharmsastras especially later ones prescribed against non-vaginal sex like the Vashistha Dharmasutra. The Manusmriti 's punishment are light. According to XI. Verses 8. However, verse 8. The emphasis Vanita states here is on a maiden's sexual purity.

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Likewise, the famous Sangam period characters of King Koperunchozhan and Pisuranthaiyar are another example for same-sex love and They are said to have not seen each other at all and yet shared love and regard for each other, so much, that they die at the same time at different places. There are lyrical undertones suggestive of the intimate relationship they had. But since there is no explicit representation, one can only postulate a possibility.

Below are listed some of the most common third-gender sects found in Hinduism. There are an estimated half million crossdressing "eunuchs" in modern-day India, associated with various sects, temples and Hindu deities. The hijras are a third-gender group in the Indian subcontinent. Some of them undergo castration, which is connected to Bahuchara Mata who is identified with the earth goddess. According to legends, she cut off her breasts in order to avoid rape by a group of bandits.

They compare it with tapas which consists of avoiding sex. Anlso used to justify emasculation is a creation myth of Shiva who emasculated himself.

The daily life of gay parents - DW Documentary

Despite this, all the seven major hijra clans are claimed to have been established by Muslims. There are an estimated 50, hijra in northern India. After interviewing and studying the hijra for many years, Serena Nanda writes in her book, Neither Man Nor Woman: The hijras of India , as follows: "There is a widespread belief in India that hijras are born hermaphrodites [intersex] and are taken away by the hijra community at birth or in childhood, but I found no evidence to support this belief among the hijras I met, all of whom joined the community voluntarily, often in their teens.

Sinha's study of hijras in Lucknow, in North India, acknowledges the hijra role as performers, but views the major motivation for recruitment to the hijra community as the satisfaction of the individual's homosexual urges The most numerous third-gender sect estimated at , is the aravani or ali of Tamil Nadu in southern India. The aravani worship the Hindu god, Aravan , and do not practice any system of castration. A lesser-known third-gender sect in India is the jogappa of South India Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh , a group similarly associated with prostitution.

The jogappa are connected with the goddess Yellamma Renuka , and include both transgender people and homosexuals. Both serve as dancers and prostitutes, and they are usually in charge of the temple devadasis maidservants of the goddess who similarly serve as dancers and female courtesans. Large festivals are celebrated at these temples wherein hundreds of scantily-clad devadasis and jogappas parade through the streets. The jogappa do not practice castration. Medieval Hindu temples such as those at Khajuraho depict sexual acts in sculptures on the external walls.

Some of these scenes involve same-sex sexuality:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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    • They can go to any bar. Sullivan and Fuentes wanted to flip that by opening a bar that was not just queer-friendly, but queer-centered. Coupled with a tight housing market, many of those same individuals remain living at home well into adulthood, said Sullivan. But they find home here.

      In the traditional sense, gay bars may be closing, but the world is also getting more queer. The more accurate statement is definitively gay bars are closing. The ones that remain serve a role and a community that is more than historic artifact.

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      And that had seemed unfathomable earlier in the evening. There were people crying here, hugging each other, and I really just felt so blessed to have our community united for each other, to know that we will be here tomorrow, and take care of each other. Sullivan notes that though the gay rights movement was started by queer, trans people of color, its primary beneficiaries — and most frequently depicted victims — have been cisgendered white men. In the film Stonewall the first brick of the riot is hurled not by Marsha P. Johnson , a trans African-American woman most often credited with having lobbed the salvo, but by the fictional Danny Winters, a cis white man with model good looks.

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