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Pete Wylie – Sinful (Studio, TOTP)

My hands move to the buttons of my shirt and slowly, I begin to unfasten them. I need to be in control right now. I strip the layers of clothing away one by one without taking my eyes off of him. I notice the change in his breathing, the tension in his body. He is staying rooted to the spot by sheer power of will.

Not waiting for him to get any closer, I whirl around and dive into the pool, my heated body welcoming the coldness of the water. Before I resurface, I hear the sound of Oliver jumping in.

Cowlick Cottage Farm | Gougères (i.e. Really Easy and Very Sinful Little Cheese Puffs)

I come up for air and a second later, Oliver wraps his arm around my waist and spins me around. Water drips from his eyelashes and his lips have already turned purple from the cold water. But his gaze is as hot as molten lava. He presses his erection against my belly and my nipples turn as hard as pebbles when they brush against his chest.

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He keeps one arm wound tight around my waist while his free hand slides down my belly toward my center. I gasp when his fingers swipe against my clit, one, two, three times. I clasp my hands behind his neck and wrap my legs around his hips, opening myself to him.

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He hisses when I curl my fingers around his cock. His tongue tangles with mine in the same intoxicating rhythm of his fingers rubbing my core. I feel us moving, but I refuse to open my eyes until my back hits the edge of the pool.

I increase the friction on his shaft when he inserts two fingers inside of me while his thumb keeps the pressure on my clit. God, this feels fucking amazing. He groans against my mouth and pulls back, forcing me to open my eyes. He sprawls his hand over my pubic bone and with his thumb, he flicks my clit.

Sinful Hot Chocolate

I scream all profanities known to man as I come harder than I ever had before. He brings me back into the pool and flush against his body while his hands rub up and down my arms. Not that it is helping anything. Follow along below to find your new favorite! Our apple oat crumble is what cinnamon-brown-sugar-apple dreams are made of! Topped with a sinfully sweet citrus caramel topping, this dessert is a must-try!

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Just be sure to make double or triple! Beat the heat and enjoy it poolside for the perfect sweet summer treat!

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You HAVE to try this sweet cinnamon vanilla cake. S'mores and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. This time around, try our new and improved recipe for a change! This dessert is oh-so elegant and absolutely delicious.