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The CEO: White Collar Crime Finance Suspense Thriller

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. History and Prevalence of White Collar Crime 1. Page 0 2. These activities are mostly intended at making easy money through deception. The term white-collar crime was first used by Edwin Sutherland in According to him, if a person of respectable and high social status commits a crime whilst on the job, the crime is called white-collar crime.

Sutherland is a distinguished name in criminology and has also been quoted by Tim Newburn at several places in his book Criminology. He also states that individuals often learn to commit such acts through interaction with other people within or outside the organization.

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Moreover, people outside that particular corporate setting will face hindrances and might take time to understand the process of that white-collar crime. White-collar crimes include money laundering, computer crime, bribery and insider-information trading, etc. All these crimes are more easily accessible to people working in the corporate sector and therefore only white-collar people dare commit these crimes.

History of White Collar Crimes: The history of white-collar crimes dates back to mids. Professor Edwin Hardin Sutherland was also the one to suggest that the white-collar criminals have conflicting motives, and varying characteristics as compared to the street criminals.

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  • Considering that the crime is not a physical theft of items, tracking these crimes can also become difficult, keeping in view the tracking capability of the system and the level to which the crime has been in cahoots. Sutherland presented his latest ideas in front of American Sociological Society, and attempted to describe the link between high society and crimes. As mentioned earlier, there was no concept of the elite or the educated and professional individuals committing the crimes—the crimes were present there but never hit the screen.

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    Some argue that the statement presented by Sutherland had a link with the explosion observed in the US business, in the years that followed the Great Depression. Regardless of the prevalence of white-collar crime, early criminologists largely ignored it. They saw crime as a form of harsh and violent behavior which itself was seen as a bi-product of poverty.

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