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Here's a look at the weather for tomorrow's total EclipseSolar eclipse across Chile excellent and Argentina BA will likely see clouds.

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According to Accuweather , the cloudiest places during the eclipse will be the southern tip of the continent and the northern countries of Colombia and Venezuela. But this time, the path of totality will be in Chile and Argentina.

Solar Eclipse Weather Update: Here's the Forecast for the Path of Totality

If you're worried that clouds may spoil your eclipse, it might not be too late to adjust your travel plans and drive toward a place where the sky will be clearer. But if that's not an option, you can also tune in to several live webcasts of the eclipse here. And if a cloud does roll in during totality, blocking your view of the show, don't stop looking up! Instead, scope out the skies to see if you can spot planets, stars and constellations that are otherwise not visible from the Southern Hemisphere this time of year.

Email Hanneke Weitering at hweitering space. This isn't my first total solar eclipse — but I am hoping it will be my first time seeing totality! The weather forecast for this next eclipse seems promising, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


You can read about my eclipse-chasing adventures in Chile in my travelogue below. I will post updates periodically WiFi permitting during the days leading up to the eclipse and on the big day itself.

Email Hanneke Weitering at hweitering space. Have a news tip, correction or comment?

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