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Catastrophic incidents could occur on live television of this era. On 30 November , while Lambert was working as a Production Assistant on Armchair Theatre , an actor died during a broadcast of Underground and she had to take responsibility for directing the cameras from the studio gallery while director Ted Kotcheff worked with the actors on the studio floor to accommodate the loss. She decided that, if she could not find advancement within a year, she would abandon television as a career.

Newman had recruited her to produce Doctor Who , a programme he had personally initiated. Conceived by Newman as an educational science-fiction serial for early Saturday evenings, the programme concerned the adventures of an old man travelling through space and time in his TARDIS , disguised as a police box. In some quarters, the series was not expected to last longer than thirteen weeks.

Although Lambert was not Newman's first choice to produce the series— Don Taylor [10] and Shaun Sutton [11] had both declined the position—he was very keen to ensure that Lambert took the job after his experience of working with her at ABC.

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She was gutsy and she used to fight and argue with me, even though she was not at a very high level as a production assistant. When Lambert arrived at the BBC in June , she was initially given a more experienced associate producer, Mervyn Pinfield , to assist her. Doctor Who debuted on 23 November and quickly became a success for the BBC, chiefly on the popularity of the alien creatures known as Daleks. Lambert's superior, Head of Serials Donald Wilson , had strongly advised against using the script in which the Daleks first appeared, but after the serial's successful airing, he said that Lambert clearly knew the series far better than he did, and he would no longer interfere in her decisions.

The success of Doctor Who and the Daleks also garnered press attention for Lambert herself; in , the Daily Mail published a feature on the series focusing on its young producer's looks: "The operation of the Daleks Lambert oversaw the first two seasons of the programme, eventually leaving in It had been eighteen very concentrated months, something like seventy shows. I know people do soaps forever now, but I felt Doctor Who needed someone to come in with a different view.

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The long development period of Adam Adamant delayed its production, and during this delay Newman gave her the initial episodes of a new soap opera , The Newcomers , to produce. She returned to the BBC on a freelance basis to produce Shoulder to Shoulder , a series of six minute plays about the suffragette movement of the early 20th century. In , she was also made responsible for overseeing the work of Euston Films , Thames' subsidiary film production company, at the time best known as the producers of The Sweeney. In she transferred to Euston full-time as the company's Chief Executive, overseeing productions such as Quatermass , Minder —94 and Widows At Thames and Euston, Lambert enjoyed the most sustained period of critical and popular success of her career.

Television historian Lez Cooke described Lambert's time in control of the drama department at Thames as "an adventurous period for the company, demonstrating that it was not only the BBC that was capable of producing progressive television drama during the s.

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Lambert wanted Thames to produce drama series 'which were attempting in one way or another to tackle modern problems and life,' an ambition which echoed the philosophy of her mentor Sydney Newman. Before we had even finished making the first series, Verity commissioned the second. Lambert's association with Thames and Euston Films continued into the s. In , she rejoined the staff of parent company Thames Television as director of drama, and was given a seat on the company's board.

In November she left Thames, but remained as chief executive at Euston until leaving in November of the following year to take up her first post in the film industry, as director of production for Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment. Her job here was somewhat frustrating as the British film industry was in one of its periodic states of flux, but she did produce several feature films, including Clockwise Lambert later expressed some regret on her time in the film industry in a feature for The Independent newspaper.

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While I managed to make some films I was proud of— Dennis Potter 's Dreamchild , and Clockwise with John Cleese—it was terribly tough and not a very happy experience. In late , Lambert left Thorn EMI, frustrated at the lack of success and at restructuring measures being undertaken by the company.

She established her own independent production company, Cinema Verity. The company's first production was the feature film A Cry in the Dark , starring Sam Neill and Meryl Streep based on the " dingo baby " case in Australia. Lambert executive produced Alan Bleasdale 's hard-hitting drama serial G.

However, her relationship with Bleasdale was not entirely smooth — the writer has admitted in subsequent interviews that he "wanted to kill Verity Lambert" [18] after she insisted on the cutting of large portions of his first draft script before production began. However, Bleasdale subsequently admitted that she was right about the majority of the cut material, and when the production was finished, he only missed one small scene from those she had demanded be excised.

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At the time, it was the most expensive commission the BBC had given out to an independent production company. Lambert's biography at Screenonline suggests some reasons for this failure: "With on-location production facilities and an evident striving for a genuinely contemporary flavour, Lambert's costly Euro soap Eldorado suggested a degree of ambition Eldorado's plotting As a result, the expatriate community in southern Spain theme and milieu was exploited rather than explored.

Other reviewers, even the best part of a decade after the programme's cancellation, were much harsher, with Rupert Smith's comments in The Guardian in being a typical example. In the early s, Lambert attempted to win the rights to produce Doctor Who independently for the BBC; however, this effort was unsuccessful because the Corporation was already in negotiations with producer Philip Segal in the United States.

Lambert continued to work as a freelance producer outside of her own company. She produced the popular BBC One comedy-drama series Jonathan Creek , by writer David Renwick , ever since taking over the role for its second series in From then until , she produced eighteen episodes of the programme across four short seasons, plus two Christmas Specials. Her last work was to produce the second series of Love Soup. A dedication to her memory was shown after the first episode, broadcast on 1 March In , Lambert married television director Colin Bucksey , but the marriage collapsed in , and they divorced in The DVD release of The Time Meddler contains the last commentary she made before her death, and a short documentary feature, Verity Lambert Obituary , described as, "A concise essay looking back over the career of one of Doctor Who' s co-creators.

Lambert was played by actress Jessica Raine. The plaque commemorates Lambert at Riverside and elsewhere. The plaque was unveiled by her longtime friend and colleague, director Waris Hussein , and the unveiling was attended by many friends and associates from over the years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Verity Lambert. London , England.

Colin Bucksey m. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.